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The Income Challenge: 5 Strategies

It’s a real challenge for investors who want income and safety in this low interest rate environment.

Many bank CDs and money markets are yielding 1% or less. How can you avoid taking on additional risk, retain flexibility, and still get an adequate income on your investments?

Attend this workshop for a review of our top income strategies for investors looking for stable income alternatives in this low interest rate environment. We will review the current interest rate environment, explore strategies to remain flexible as rates change in the future, and review the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of income-oriented investments including:

  • Tax free municipal bonds
  • Preferred stock
  • Corporate bonds & high yield bonds
  • Covered calls
  • Closed end funds
  • Dividend paying stocks
  • Real estate investment trusts… and much more

The Bedminster Group is a registered investment advisor and does not offer investments for sale. This is an educational workshop.


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