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Wealth Preservation

The Bedminster Group provides comprehensive fee only wealth preservation & management services to individuals, families, and foundations.

Preserving investments and other assets for future generations encompasses basic and advanced estate and financial planning, appropriate beneficiary designations, charitable and family gifting, and the skill and experience in applying all of these techniques in the real world, to individual families and their unique situations.

Income Planning

Individuals who have spent years accumulating investments are often without experience in the strategies and methods of withdrawing income from their portfolio over a long period of time and in uncertain economic conditions.


The Bedminster Group uses asset allocation modeling, probability study and sophisticated quantitative analysis techniques available to assist our clients in knowing how much to spend, preparing for future expenses, and dealing with uncertainty.

An effective strategy must:

  • Increase with inflation
  • Support a comfortable lifestyle
  • Be consistent with life expectancy and variable markets
  • Fit in with estate planning and gifting considerations
  • Mesh seamlessly with investment strategy
  • Make provision for emergency

Portfolio Management

For over 25 years, The Bedminster Group has been one of the premier investment advisors in the Lowcountry.


Our advisors have managed client funds for over 25 years, and bring experience, certification, and a wealth of background in the investment arena to our clients. We base our investment and financial counsel on a client centered discipline that blends modern and post-modern portfolio theory with the goal of building the most efficient risk aware portfolios for our clients. This results in a portfolio that is both cost effective and well suited for investors.


We don’t manage your account using hunches or guesses. We rigorously research each security to find the one that meets the needs of the portfolio before adding it to any account. We implement our client’s strategy using a number of deeply researched investment products that are the building blocks of your portfolio. These products include Exchange Traded Funds (both passive and active), actively managed stock and bond mutual funds, individual bonds and other fixed income instruments as well as money market mutual funds and other cash equivalent investments.

IRA Investments & Distributions

Investment and distribution strategies for owners of IRAs, 403(b)s, 401(k)s, annuities and other types of tax-sheltered accounts are important to our clients.

Our "Top Ten IRA Strategies" workshops are among the best known educational series in South Carolina on IRA issues for investors.

Our approach typically includes:

  • Written investment plan
  • Allocation between IRA and non-IRA assets
  • Roth IRA analysis
  • Beneficiary planning and designations
  • IRA assets in estate planning