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Chatterton Charity Classic – Sun City Women’s 18-Hole Golf Association

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Sun City Chorus and Band

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Sun City Community Theater

Bedminster is one of the original sponsors of the Chatterton Charity Classic (CCC) (as it is now known), when it began under a different name as a women’s golf tournament. Since then the CCC has grown into an outstanding event raising over its 18 years, in excess of $225,000, distributed among various local charities such as Hospice of the Low Country, Bluffton Boys & Girls Club and the Jasper County Thrift Store & Food Bank. This tournament shows how dedication and commitment can improve lives throughout generations.

Bedminster has supported the Sun City Chorus & Band since 2003 and twice each year, we enjoy favorite songs and the memories that accompany them. The singers and orchestra outperform themselves each season and we anticipate with joy the December Holiday concert!

For over a decade the Bedminster Group has been a proud supported of the Sun City Community Theatre. Broadway hits bring a touch of the Big Apple to Old Town and the performances are beyond what any of us could ever have imagined from such a small theatre company. Five times a year we welcome the opportunity to post a theatre announcement and take in a comedy, drama or musical.