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Investment Planning for the Surviving Spouse

Many married couples plan for years of travel and lazy days during retirement, but an overlooked and most important goal for couples to focus on should be leaving the surviving spouse, usually the wife, in a secure financial position.

The death of a husband or wife can often leave the survivor with a significant reduction in income, impacting his or her standard of living due to the loss of one social security check, a decrease or elimination of a spousal pension or an overall lack of proper retirement planning.

On average, women outlive men and often face longer periods of aging with reduced income, sometimes placing a significant drain on the portfolio. Proper investment and financial planning can help to avoid this dismal prospect.

Join us for a review of our top investment planning strategies for couples concerned with financial longevity that will include:

  • Planning and investment concerns of the surviving spouse
  • Analysis and solutions to the income shortfall
  • Investment strategy for the surviving spouse
  • Estate and assisted living planning
  • Getting organized with the Red Folder

The Bedminster Group is a registered investment advisor and does not offer investments for sale. This is an educational workshop.


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