Frequent Questions

What is your philosophy for Investment Planning?

We commit our resources to help you reach your family`s investment goals. We are objective driven. We invest your capital as carefully as if it were our own, in consultation with you, and using a written investment plan. We believe the primary component of investment return is market return, but the primary component of investor return is investor behavior. We work with you in partnership, merging the unique perspectives of client and advisor into a comprehensive and personal investment plan.

What is the preliminary

There are several steps in the investment process:

After an initial interview, we do extensive data gathering, identifying risk tolerance, investment objectives, net worth, tax bracket, and other pertinent information. Copies of all brokerage fund and bank statements are reviewed, as well as tax returns.

A written investment plan is prepared. This is based on written and verbal material from the initial interview, and recommends an allocation range among stock, bonds and cash or cash equivalents.

When the written plan is approved, we review investment selection within each asset class, relying primarily on money market accounts and treasury bills for cash/ cash equivalents, and short to medium term US government treasuries and agencies for the fixed income component. For the equity component, we will recommend either a mutual fund or a portfolio of individual stocks selected for the client.

What services do you provide for IRAs and other tax sheltered accounts?

Investment and distribution strategies for owners of IRAs, 403(b)s, 401(k)s, annuities and other types of tax-sheltered accounts are important to our clients. Our "Top Ten IRA Strategies" and "One Hundred Year IRA" workshops are among the best known educational series in South Carolina on IRA issues for investors. Our approach typically includes:

  • Written investment plan
  • IRA assets in estate planning
  • Stretch and multi-generational IRAs
  • Allocation between IRA and non-IRA assets
  • Roth IRA analysis
  • Beneficiary planning and designations