The Beauty of the Bernese

At the Bedminster Group, we recognize the importance of donating a portion of our proceeds to organizations that work to improve the lives of homeless, abused and abandoned animals and we seek organizations committed to this mission. Recently we listened to the story of a pet owner who lost his Bernese Mountain Dog to old age and realized just how much companionship his Bernese provided through the years so we selected the Lone Star Bernese Mountain Dog Club & Rescue for our April donation.

The Lone Star Bernese Mountain Dog Club & Rescue came into existence in May of 1991 with a small group of Texas enthusiasts. It continues today as a widespread, but very dedicated group.

Lone Star Rescue actively searches for dogs in their region of responsibility which includes the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana and currently places between 5 – 12 dogs per year. If you do not live in one of these four states and are interested in adoption you can visit the Bernese Mountain Dog Club website at www.bmdca.orgfor a list of BMDCA recognized regional cubs.  Most of these are also involved with rescue.

Lone Star Rescue only places purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs.  However, they do keep a list of potential homes that would also consider a BMD mix and if a mix is located the homes on the list are notified of the dog's location and they may adopt directly from the current owner or shelter. 

The dogs available for adoption are from pounds, shelters, direct surrenders by the owners, and just plain abandoned. It’s important to keep in mind that even pure bred dogs are subject to abandonment and or abuse. All Berners are spayed and neutered and therefore not able to breed.

Please visit the Lone Star Bernese Mountain Dog Club & Rescue website or contact them directly at 817- 430-2469 or 469- 323-2038 to ask specific questions you may have.

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