Introducing the Bluffton Community Cat Rescue

The Bedminster Group selected the Bluffton Community Cat Rescue (BCCR) 501©3 as its July 2014 animal organization donation. Although just a year underway, BCCR has made a significant impact on the 450 stray cats living in feral cat colonies along the Bluffton/Hilton Head Island 278 corridor. But this should come as no surprise as founders Colleen Perry, President and Vera Mitrovich, Treasurer share their successful 14-year history as cat colonists in Michigan.

Bluffton Community Cat Rescue is a group of volunteers who dedicate their time to help make the rescue experience successful. They are concerned with the welfare and safety of Bluffton's stray and feral cats. BCCR volunteers are caretakers of established feral and stray cat colonies, providers of foster homes for adoptable felines, placement facilitators for adoptable cats and kittens, rescuers of stray cats and kittens, educators for the benefits of TNR: Trap, Neuter and Return and active in spay and neutering to help control pet overpopulation in neighborhoods. 

If you would like to help BCCR, they offer the adoption of a cat in one of the Community Cat Coalition cat colonies; $20 per month will feed a colony cat with canned and dry food. You can pick a cat as your adopted cat AND you can name your cat, too! Or you can volunteering as a foster parent for some of the kittens and cats who need a  bit of socialization before becoming adoptable lap cats.

 Please visit BCCR’s website at and see first- hand the work they do. We should applaud BCCR for jumping in the deep end and joining forces with the many parties who have worked so hard over the years to save the lives of many homeless kittens and cats by creating and maintaining cat colonies in our communities.

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