Hurricane Irma Disaster Plan

Hurricane Irma Disaster Plan

Once again we in the Lowcountry are anxiously watching the projected path of an Atlantic hurricane, with a mixture of concern for those who will likely be affected, and worry over the uncertainty of our own outcome.

The Bedminster Group has a disaster and disaster recovery plan in place, coordinated with our custodians, to be sure that our clients do not lose access to their funds or account information during a storm and its aftermath.

Last year during hurricane Matthew, The Bedminster Group set up our emergency offices in Tucson, Arizona.  If evacuation is necessary this year, after securing all onsite client data, we will be setting up temporary offices in Atlanta.

We should be reachable on our regular phone lines unless service is interrupted; however, we will be available on our emergency cell number (843) 384-0938 as well.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Frank Weber, Gigi Maxfield, Steven Weber
The Bedminster Group

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