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Social Security & Divorce

Despite the current uncertainty about the future of Social Security, it remains, along with pensions and investments, an essential component of retirement income for men and women, married, single or divorced. Understanding Social Security rules, in order to work through complex choices about how and when to take benefits, can seem daunting. Many of these decisions have a lifetime impact, and cannot be undone. These can be even more critical given the financial uncertainty resulting from divorce.
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Second Marriage Money - Hilton Head Monthly, February 2009

Did you ever wonder what your husband or wife might do with the savings you’ve accumulated together if they were to outlive you and remarry? Or if you have remarried yourself, how to provide for the support of your second spouse should you pass away? It can be a challenge when doing estate planning to provide security and continuing support for your spouse, or second spouse, and at the same time assure your estate goes to your children. If your assets, left to your spouse at death, were to be commingled in joint accounts with a new second marriage partner, your assets could conceivably be distributed by someone you never knew to someone you never knew, and may not go to your children and grandchildren as you had originally intended ... »
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The Red Folder - Pink Magazine, June 2008

It is true -- most women live long enough to face financial insecurity and uncertainty if they are unprepared. On average, women live seven years longer than men and are more likely to live a portion of their retirement alone; widowed, divorced or unmarried by choice. Many of these women are retiring with inadequate investments for their twilight years coupled with a significant decline in income after divorce or the death of a spouse. It is sad, but single women face a much higher rate of poverty than elderly, single men; approximately one in five lives at the poverty level ... »
Women & Money

Smart Women On Their Own (And Their Money) - Hilton Head Monthly, July 2008

Money and finance were “taboo” topics of conversation in my family when I was growing up; we lived with a “those who have it shouldn’t talk about it” mentality. In college, I was amazed to discover that other students had their own checking accounts, and I was totally shocked by my future husband’s family’s openness about financial matters. Still, this was the very beginning of a journey that eventually ended with an MBA in finance, a CFP certification and a life long commitment to financial planning, especially concerning those issues specific to women ... »