Noah’s Arks Rescue - Room for More Than Two of a Kind

How can one person save 100 cats? Spay or neuter ONE!

Noah’s Arks Rescue has made huge strides since we last visited in 2012 so we have selected them as our January 2014 animal welfare organization. At the Bedminster Group, we feel it is important each month to donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that work to improve the lives of homeless, abused and abandoned animals and Noah’s Arks Rescue goes above the call of duty.

Noah's Arks Rescue defines itself as “all about giving an Abused Animal a second chance at Life and to experience what true love is”.  At Noah’s Arks they seek and rescue animals that have been tortured, abused and neglected and supply the emergency medical care required to get them well. Literally, they rescue animals from imminent euthanasia in South Carolina shelters and often beyond; their animal outreach network and tentacles extend throughout the United States as their reputation as animal saviors precedes them.

Noah’s Arks Rescue is staffed by volunteers; they have no shelter and rely on the generosity of others to help those help needy animals in our communities. Medical treatment is negotiated for the animals in need and once nursed back to life, then health, Noah’s Arks supply rehab physically and mentally to prepare them for their new home and new life with loving families.

Ultimately, Noah’s Arks Rescue is an animal lifesaver.

Visit the Noah’s Arks Rescue website to meet the survivors and read their stories at www.noahs-arks.netNoah’s Arks Rescue is actively looking for local volunteers to help with adoption events and emergency care missions. For more information please visit the website at, e-mail or call 843.540.6755

Please help to avoid animal overpopulation and cruelty; spay or neuter your pets or donate funds to a spay and neuter program. 

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