Charleston Animal Society

The Bedminster Group has selected the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) for its September 2013 animal welfare donation. CAS has upheld their mission to prevent cruelty to animals for over a century, and takes in more than 11,000 abandoned, sick, abused and neglected animals from throughout the greater Charleston area each year. No animal is refused.

CAS works through both education and outreach programs. Their goals are:

  • Strive to promote temporary sanctuary to lost, abandoned or abused domestic animals
  • Promote adoption
  • Provide medical care to indigent pets
  • Eliminate overpopulation of animals with aggressive spay/neuter and education programs
  • Provide education about responsible pet guardianship
  • Reunite lost pets and their owners
  • Reduce cruelty through stronger ordinances, investigations, partnerships and education.

The staff at Charleston Animal Society use innovative, scientifically based strategies including a large-scale spay/neuter program, a free roaming cat initiative, educational outreach programs that teach children to respect animals, and a food bank for pets that helped 900 families last year. CAS also works with police, prosecutors and lawmakers to make sure animal cruelty laws are enforced and made stronger.

Charleston Animal Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that depends on philanthropic gifts from individuals. They are an open-admissions animal shelter serving Charleston County. For more information please visit . To contact by phone 843.747.4849 or 843.556.7729.

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