Mercy for Animals

The Bedminster Group has selected “Mercy for Animals” as our animal welfare organization recipient for April 2013.

Mercy for Animals identifies their mission as “working to create a society where all animals are treated with the compassion and respect they so rightfully deserve.” They serve as a voice for animals through proactive consumer education initiatives, cruelty investigations, corporate outreach, and legal advocacy.  Farm animals are their primary focus; over 95% of the cruelty to animals in the United States occurs at the hands of the meat, dairy and egg industries which confine, mutilate, and slaughter over 8 billion land animals each year. Despite the fact that these are the most abused animals in the United States, they actually have the fewest number of advocates.   In 2011 Mercy for Animals was named one of the 15 top high impact non-profits in the animal welfare, rights and protection category by Philanthropedia, a division of Guidestar.  You can find additional information about MFA’s ongoing campaigns and investigations at their website,

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