Animal Shelter Overcrowding…An Issue Faced by Shelters Throughout the Country

Overcrowding is a major issue at many animal shelters. Fortunately, television coverage of overcrowding issues at the Darlington County Animal Shelter (DCAS) in Darlington, SC prompted the Bedminster Group Investment Advisors to take action and make them our October 2013 shelter donation. The Darlington County Humane Society operates the shelter and works diligently finding perfect homes for unwanted or homeless pets. 

Imagine a puppy rescued off of the streets being placed in a clean crate with food and water until adopted – it may be a lonely existence for a bit but a safe and sheltered one. Now consider placing an additional two or three dogs with the one. This is the current situation at Darlington and their reason for euthanizing as many as 60 dogs and cats weekly.

Typically, DACS has room for about 100 dogs and 80 cats but their kennels are overflowing with in excess of 150 dogs and 100 cats.

"We have no where to put them, the county allows us only so many here, they're very lenient with us, we know that that won't last long, our hands are pushed now," said Tyrone Baker, shelter manager.  "It's gotten to the point now where our euthanasia team comes out and we have to do what we have to do, and it's just so sad for the animals."

It is critical for pet owners to understand the importance of spaying or neutering their four-legged friends – this process automatically guarantees a decrease in the unwanted pet population. Otherwise, continuing reproduction leads to litters being taken to shelters and thus the cycle of overcrowding continues.

Our gift to Darlington County Animal Shelter will help to spay and neuter many dogs and cats, saving potentially thousands of our four-legged friends from being euthanized in the future.

For more information on Darlington County Animal Shelter (DACS) please visit their website at or call (843) 398.4402.

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