Doggie Treats Just a Click Away! Jasper Animal Rescue Mission & Team Up

Every month The Bedminster Group donates a portion of its proceeds to an animal welfare organization in the Lowcountry. Never are we at a loss finding a worthy organization that will put these funds to good use. This August we highlight the Jasper Animal Rescue Mission (JARM) in Ridgeland, SC.

The JARM mission is to serve the people of Jasper County by providing shelter and humane care to dogs and cats that are lost, abandoned, neglected or abused. JARM is also committed to reducing the population of stray and neglected dogs and cats by promoting and providing spaying and neutering services and providing educational material and learning opportunities concerning the proper care and treatment of pets.

To this end, JARM creatively partnered with enabling old and new supporters to grant a wish or several wishes to come true for JARM! You can purchase leashes, toys, food, collars and more if you go to, log on and click the “wish list” tab. Simply enter, their “wish list” appears, make your selections and check out. The address for Jasper Animal Rescue Mission (JARM) will list in your shipping options and your purchases will be sent directly to the shelter.

Another encouraging program JARM has initiated is the Tuesday 10% Senior Discount. If you are senior looking to adopt a pet, consider a 10% discount off adoption expenses for your new furry friend…you can put this savings towards treats for your new companion!

For further information, visit JARM at Phone:  (843) 726-7799 and email

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