Bon Appetit Says Bon Voyage to Inhumane Practices

Bon Appetit Management Company and the Humane Society of the United States made history in the food service industry last week when they announced in a joint statement that by 2015, the company will cease serving all pork produced using the “cruel and inhumane practice of gestation crates”, and will purchase all eggs from producers who don’t confine their hens to tiny battery cages.  In addition, the company plans to eliminate foie gras and veal from calves confined in grates from its menu.

Bon Appetit’s stand is significant for the food service industry because of its size. They operate 400 cafes in 31 states and serve about 130 million meals in a year. Fedele Bauccio, co-founder and chief executive of Bon Appetit feels they are a large enough company now to say, “we’re not going to do this anymore.” He’s hoping competitors will agree and also take a stand to slowly try to change the system.

Taking a stand is not new for Bon Appetit. They began their crusade in 2003 for humane animal agricultural practices when they said NO to antibiotics in feed or water for chickens and later turkeys.  Bauccio realizes that changing animal agriculture in America will be difficult and time consuming, requiring re-educating farmers and helping them to change their practices, but says, “The best chance for change is to stop waiting for everyone else to make the first move.”

Gigi Harris

The Bedminster Group

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