The Bedminster group Supports Urban Search and Rescue

This past week Urban Search and Rescue deployed to Florida to help search for a missing child. Our coffers had been exhuasted by recent searches in North Carolia. In order to deploy, we needed funding. I got on the phone and started making calls in an attempt to raise funding to cover gas and hotels for our searchers. In this tough economic times I was not expecting much luck. I was pleasently surprised. Everyone I called, not only stepped up, but called others and solicted funds for us.

We who live here are quick to cite the beauty of the Lowcountry, our beaches and such as reasons we all chose to live in this place that we all love. Lets not forget our people. They are also one of the things that make this such a great place to live.

We would like to thank Steve Weber of The Bedminster Group, Micheal and Annette Hausman of Bluffton, Charlotte Wamser of Bluffton, Abby Bird of Alpha Dog, Jennifer of Artworks on HHI, and last but not least The Carolina Dreamers Car Club for their donations that made this trip possible.
We opted to sleep in our trucks to save spending on hotels and were able to return with some of the funds left over, which will be used towards exspenses for further searches in North Carolina for the many missing women up there.

Thank you to all for helping us to help others. Its folks like these that truly make the Lowcountry the fantastic place it is.

Daniel Fuller
Director Urban Search and Rescue

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