Market Insights

Stock markets: Winter Cold or Serious Flu?

The Dow fell 666 points on Friday, February 2nd.  Today, Monday, as of market close, it has lost another 1,175 points. A spike in interest rates and concerns over inflation are the most likely culprits, although markets can correct for any number of reasons.  Pointing out the obvious triggers doesn’t add much to our understanding, and tends to confuse causality with correlation.  One positive, there are few sign of recession or hyper-inflation.....


Backpack Buddies, Sun City Woodworkers and the Bedminster Group

On Saturday October 21, 2017, Sun City Woodworkers and Model Railroad Guild held its annual community Open house. The Bedminster Group traditionally provides refreshments for this event, and this year we will be presenting a check for $1,000 to Backpack Buddies to support their efforts to end hunger in our community, as well as to recognize the generosity of our clients and all of those who attended the open house.

Market Insights

Market Insight - October 2017

We believe we are at the beginning of a phenomenal decade for investors.  The pace of change is accelerating, as the global economic models and assumptions we have become accustomed to are turned on their heads, inside out, and in many cases just blown apart by what may be the greatest wave of innovation in our lifetimes.  The automobile industry, transportation, healthcare, the retail industry, the food industry, the hotel and travel industry; the banking industry, all are likely to be unrecognizable to us within a very short time.


Hurricane Irma Disaster Plan

Once again we in the Lowcountry are anxiously watching the projected path of an Atlantic hurricane, with a mixture of concern for those who will likely be affected, and worry over the uncertainty of our own outcome.The Bedminster Group has a disaster and disaster recovery plan in place, coordinated with our custodians, to be sure that our clients do not lose access to their funds or account information during a storm and its aftermath.

Market Insights

Market Insight - July 2017

The second quarter of 2017 was bookended by a messy House vote on healthcare in April, and a fumbled deferral of the Senate’s healthcare vote in June.  Has the smooth path from healthcare reform, through tax reform, through infrastructure investment, to 3-4 percent GDP growth become rocky, uneven, and unreliable?  Despite legitimate concerns that stock gains based on that tax reform could dissipate, and an administration battered by infighting and plunging approval ratings, markets found more than adequate inspiration elsewhere.

Events, Workshops

Get Organized With The Red Folder

If something happens to you, will your spouse, family members or friends know where to find your important papers?

Don't miss our upcoming Workshop "Get Organized With The Red Folder". We will provide a review of our life-planning tool to help prepare and securely store all your important information and documents your family may need in the future. Discover how to keep your most important and necessary documents at your fingertips … and how others can securely access them on your behalf, without changing your current filing system!