Market Insights

Stock markets: Winter Cold or Serious Flu?

The Dow fell 666 points on Friday, February 2nd.  Today, Monday, as of market close, it has lost another 1,175 points. A spike in interest rates and concerns over inflation are the most likely culprits, although markets can correct for any number of reasons.  Pointing out the obvious triggers doesn’t add much to our understanding, and tends to confuse causality with correlation.  One positive, there are few sign of recession or hyper-inflation.....


Backpack Buddies, Sun City Woodworkers and the Bedminster Group

On Saturday October 21, 2017, Sun City Woodworkers and Model Railroad Guild held its annual community Open house. The Bedminster Group traditionally provides refreshments for this event, and this year we will be presenting a check for $1,000 to Backpack Buddies to support their efforts to end hunger in our community, as well as to recognize the generosity of our clients and all of those who attended the open house.