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Get Organized With The Red Folder

If something happens to you, will your spouse, family members or friends know where to find your important papers?

Don't miss our upcoming Workshop "Get Organized With The Red Folder". We will provide a review of our life-planning tool to help prepare and securely store all your important information and documents your family may need in the future. Discover how to keep your most important and necessary documents at your fingertips … and how others can securely access them on your behalf, without changing your current filing system!


Breaking Down "Sell in May & Go Away"

Sell in May and go away is a well-known trading adage that warns investors to sell their stock holdings in May to avoid a seasonal decline in equity markets. The "sell in May and go away" strategy is that an investor who sells his or her stock holdings in May and gets back into the equity market in November - thereby avoiding the typically volatile May-October period - would be much better off than an investor who stays in equities throughout the year.


Cinco de Mayo: Commemorating a Small Battle Over Debts, Not Independence

Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. This internationally celebrated fiesta date first took place in the aftermath of the Mexican–American War of 1846–48 and the 1858–61 Reform War. The Reform War was a civil war and it pitted Liberals (who believed in separation of church and state and freedom of religion) against the Conservatives

Financial Planning

Getting Paid for Retirement Savings

What could be better than an incentive to save, in the form of a tax credit that will reduce your taxes, and in doing so, help fund your retirement contribution? Yet many eligible individuals completely miss out on the Retirement Savers Contributions Credit. You may be eligible for this if you are age 18 or older, not a full-time student, and not claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return. Here’s how it works.

Financial Planning

In-Home Healthcare - An Overview

As people age, the prevailing thought for many is to remain at home as long as possible. But what happens when one or both spouses find it difficult to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, cooking or grocery shopping? For some, the solution is moving to an assisted living residence where your daily activities are coordinated for you; for those finding it difficult to leave the comfort of home, there is in-home care where the professionals come to you.

In Remembrance of Pearl Harbor

The Bedminster Group would like to take a moment of silence today in remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The veterans of Pearl Harbor, and the veterans of the world war that followed, are old now and few in number.  The world has changed a great deal over the past 75 years, but our debt to the men and women of that generation can never be repaid, and their service and sacrifice will remain in our thoughts today.

Market Insights

Market Insights - October 2016

After several months of calm following the June Brexit surprise, volatility returned to the markets in early September, as investors began to focus on a contentious election, uncertain global central bank policies, and peaking bond prices. Leading indicators took a slight dip in August, raising some fear of a slowdown in economic activity, and manufacturing continued to struggle, with the ISM manufacturing Index moving below 50, usually a signal of contraction. Despite these headwinds, stock prices managed to rebound...